Fun Festive Games for All the Family

Keep the kids entertained over Christmas with these family-friendly game ideas.


Red-Nosed Reindeer Race

Cut small circles of red paper (Rudolph noses) and place them on a tray at one end of the room and place an empty bowl at the other end. Pop a spot of Vaseline on everyone’s noses.

The winner is the one who gets the most red noses from one bowl to another in one minute using only their nose. You can also try the same with a bowl of fresh cranberries and chopsticks.

One-Word Story

This game is brilliant for car journeys, or while you're all doing the washing and drying up. One person starts with the opening word of the story and the next person says the second word and so on to carry on the tale. Throw in some odd words to turn the story funny.

Christmas Puzzle

Print out a Christmas picture and write a short story or message on the back. Cut it into small pieces and hide them around the house. Ask the kids to hunt down the pieces and make the picture to reveal the festive message.

Winter Wind Blows

This one’s great for family parties. Make a circle with one person in the centre who says, "The winter wind blows on those with red jumpers." Everyone wearing a red jumper has to switch places with someone else wearing a red jumper.

The aim is for the person in the centre to make it to a space before the others. The one without a space becomes the person in the middle and changes the topic.

Too Hot to Handle

Take a soft toy and stand or sit in a circle. Choose a topic like 'Christmas food' and start passing the toy around. Every player says a Christmas food within five seconds or the toy will be too hot to handle and they’ll be out of the game. You can’t repeat a food that’s been said before so it’s a great test of memory.

Santa’s Hat

The aim of the game is to pass a paper Santa hat from one person to the next without using your hands – just a straw and your breath. Play a Christmas song, and the person that has the hat by the end of the song is out.

Prize Ideas

Give the worthy winners a prize for their efforts. Break up a selection box and use the individual treats for first, second and third places.