5 Breakfasts to Help Your Hangover

We are all guilty of partying a tad too hard over the festive season and waking up feeling a bit worse for wear. Nurse your hangover with our 10 delicious recipes, from cheesy, jalapeño waffles with bacon and eggs to the classic 'lifesaver' Bloody Mary cocktail.

Jalapeño and Cheese Waffles with Bacon and Eggs


Brunches like this are what lazy weekends are all about – wake up your tastebuds with these fiery, cheesy jalapeño waffles, served with crispy, smoky bacon and topped with a perfectly fried egg.

Find the recipe here.

Bloody Mary


bloody mary


A traditional Bloody Mary cocktail is an invigorating tipple – the 'Lifesaver' is said to work wonders on a hangover.

The lifesaver is made using fresh tomato juice, Tabasco sauce and vodka for a fiery drink that's sure to kickstart your day.

For a delicious Virgin Mary, simply skip the alcohol. 

Find the recipe here.


Eggy BLT Crumpets



 A twist on two classic dishes, this quick yet delicious breakfast is the ultimate indulgence. Cooking the bacon in the oven makes it extra crisp, but you can grill or fry it, if you prefer. 

Find the recipe here.


Tricolour Scrambled Eggs



Upgrade your scrambled eggs with vibrant peppers, leafy spinach and smoky paprika. This beautifully colourful breakfast recipe will brighten up even the darkest winter morning.   

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Sunshine Eggs with Chorizo and Potato Hash

sunshine and eggs


Indulge in a delicious brunch that's brimming full of brightly coloured peppers, chorizo and Desiree potatoes, topped with beautifully fried eggs.

Start your day the right way with this hearty dish.

Find the recipe here.