6 unexpected uses for sliced bread

In celebration of our partnership with FoodCloud and encouraging you to cut down on food waste and showing you the number of household applications for leftover bread there are. Why not give some of these a try?

1. Use bread to clean your walls

A quick rub with a mighty crust-free slice of bread makes a brilliant natural eraser for grubby fingerprints or scuffmarks on paintwork.

2. Clean your coffee grinder

Gone is the headache of cleaning the coffee grinder now that super-absorbent stale crusts, pulsed for a few seconds, magically slurp up all the coffee grounds stuck in the system.

3. Freshen up food

Multi-tasking stale bread even soaks up sogginess. Stick some in the crisper of your fridge to keep fruit and veg crunchy. Pop some in your bag of brown sugar so it stays soft, and in your cake tin to keep any sweet bakes fresh.

4. Chop an onion without crying

Wave goodbye to smudged mascara because that unloved loaf-end will magically absorb the blub-inducing chemical released by chopping onions. Wrap a piece over the blade of your knife up to the hilt and show those onions you’re no cry-baby.

5. Rescue your dinner

Breadcrumbs, you say? I’ll have you know that stale loaf is a full-on meal-saver. Layer a couple of slices over the top of rice that’s been left cooking on the hob too long, put the lid back on for a few minutes and that burnt taste magically disappears.

6. Thicken sauces

Here’s where breadcrumbs come in handy. Toss into stews, casseroles, soups, and sauces to instantly thicken-up a watery dish – it dissolves fast and you can’t taste it. Tip: whizz a batch of stale bread in a food processor then freeze in a container for ready-to-use breadcrumbs for all kinds of dishes.

Other uses for crusty bread