No Time for Waste

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What is FoodCloud?

For almost two years Tesco and FoodCloud have maintained a partnership that sees all surplus food from Tesco's stores redistributed to charity.

Tesco reducing food waste

How We're Helping Reduce Food Waste

Since 2014, over 4 million meals have been donated by Tesco Ireland to over 250 causes across the country. These meals have resulted in savings of over €5.6 million for good causes and you can find out more about how this vital service is making a difference in your community here.

Pumpkin puree topped with seeds

10 Ways to Re-Use your Pumpkin

Besides being used as a Halloween decoration, pumpkins can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your pumpkin.

apple and cinnamon infused water

Infused water: 5 recipes to make with surplus fruit

A healthy alternative to fizzy drinks and a great way to use up leftover fruit. Infused water is a tasty way to stay hydrated and use seasonal ingredients.

Amazing uses for carrots

7 surprising ways to use up leftover carrots

In celebration of our partnership with FoodCloud and our commitment to help Irish families cut down on food waste we're bringing you top tips for using leftover carrots.

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Using leftovers: Our Top Tips

Sometimes (in fact, most of the time!) cooking enough food for the rest of the week and freezing it is the easiest way to get dinner out of the way. So you don’t get bored with eating the exact same thing four days in a row, here are some tips for dealing with leftovers.

Other uses for crusty bread

6 unexpected uses for sliced bread

You won't believe the number of household applications for leftover bread there are. Why not give some of these a try?

7 tips to keep food fresh longer and reduce waste

7 tips to keep food fresh and reduce waste

Here’s a few handy tips that will help keep your food fresher for longer and help you reduce household waste. They’ll be good for your pocket and for the environment.

8 ways to keep your ood fresher for longer

8 Ways to Keep Food Fresher for Longer

Minimise waste and prevent food from going stale with these clever kitchen secrets.