How we support Ireland

As the world’s biggest buyer of Irish food and drink we’re supporting over 13,000 Irish farming families and over 480 small and medium Irish local suppliers, making us one of the biggest supporters of the Irish food industry. We purchase €1.6bn of Irish food and drink every year.

Many customers come to Tesco because they know we stock the most extensive range of locally supplied products, from Irish vegetables and meat to bread and milk. Every drop of our fresh milk comes from Irish farms and is approved by the National Dairy Council while all our fresh pork, beef, chicken and lamb is 100% Irish and Bord Bia approved.


From as far as Asia, to as close as the UK, more than €980 million worth of Irish food is exported to our stores around the world every year. That means if Tesco was a country, it would buy more Irish food, grown by these farming families, than France, Germany or the US. Tesco’s international stores are a major purchaser of Irish food and drink, buying 11.7% of Ireland’s food and drink exports in 2013, a figure which is growing year on year. Tesco’s total value of Irish food and drink exports exceeds France and Spain combined.

Irish produce

Because we are committed to providing customers with the very best of Irish produce, we source as much local produce as possible during the Irish growing season. We are constantly working with our growers to ensure we have as much Irish produce as possible available throughout the whole year. When you see the produced in Ireland badge on produce, that’s a promise of seasonal, fresh and Irish.


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