Supporting Local Causes in Ulster

We can tell from some of the nominations for Tesco Community Fund causes that we receive, that people all over Ireland are passionate about supporting their local communities. The wide range of causes we support, with your help, proves that community means something different to everyone. In Ulster, one of your favourite causes is a family resource centre that offers support services, classes or even just a friendly chat. 

Cara House Family Resource Centre, Co. Donegal

 cwp067 CaraHouse DL

Cara House Family Resource Centre is situated in Letterkenny and offers something for lots of different groups in the community. Susan McAughley from Cara House said: “People from all walks of life are welcome in Cara House, the drop-in room and coffee shop provide a haven for people who are on their own and the craic is mighty! Thanks to Tesco Letterkenny and the customers who voted for us, we were able to fund the baby massage group, one of four groups for parents of young children, for a number of weeks.“ 



Tesco Community Fund: Unbelievable support in Ulster

Let's Keep it going!

As big believers of supporting local causes, we are of course delighted when we can update you with the progress that some of the organisations we are supporting have made. As you can see from the photos and from reading the stories, your generosity makes a huge difference to them. If you know some other causes that could benefit from the Tesco Community Fund, you can pick up a nomination form in store or download one here.

Henry Dummer, Marketing Director Tesco Ireland said: “As one of Ireland’s biggest retailers, some people might feel we’re too big to care, but we’re big on the things that matter to our customers, community being one of them. And with 149 stores we have a unique opportunity to help thousands of community causes across Ireland through our Community Fund.”

“Our customers are the driving force behind the initiative, deciding who in their community deserves a little help, and that’s why it works. So we would urge everyone to keep this going and nominate a cause that could do with a little boost or that simply deserves some recognition for the great service it provides to the local area.”