Tesco Community Fund Terms and Conditions

Your Contact Details

Collecting your personal information helps Tesco to better understand what you need from us.

We will use your personal contact information to process your nomination, to communicate with you if your nominated cause is selected and the funds they receive through the Tesco Community Fund. From time to time we will also contact you with relevant Tesco Community Fund news and updates.

We will never disclose your information to anyone outside the Tesco Group except where we have your consent; where we are required or permitted to do so by law; to other companies who provide a service to us; or any successors in title to our business.

Your personal information is safe with us and will never be released to companies outside the Tesco Group for their marketing purposes.

Good Cause Contact Details

We will use the Good Cause Contact Details to notify a cause if they've been selected to take part in a Tesco Community Fund cycle. From time to time, we will also contact the cause with relevant Tesco Community Fund news and updates.

Process of Selection for the Tesco Community Fund

Every eight weeks the Community Team in each store shortlists five good causes ahead of each Tesco Community Fund campaign. 

The following points are taken into consideration by the Community Team during the selection process:

  • Is this good cause working in and providing services in the general locality of their store?
  • Why does this good cause need funding?
  • Will supporting this good cause benefit their local community?
  • Does the cause have any affiliation with or link to a political or divisive agenda? Remember – Tesco is a politically neutral company and we need to ensure that we only work with causes who are politically neutral and/or not divisive too.


The five good causes are placed on a voting board in the colleague restaurant of each store. Colleagues will then vote for their preferred cause and the top three will be selected.

The Tesco Community Fund is intended to be a force for good in local communities. At Tesco we recognise and respect that our customers and colleagues have a wide and varied range of personal beliefs and values. For that reason, through the Community Fund, we only support causes that are politically neutral and/or not divisive. Nominations for the Community Fund are reviewed in order to ensure that we do not include a cause that may cause offence to any of our colleagues, customers or communities. However if for any reason our review does not pick up on a cause falling outside the criteria set out above, we reserve the right to remove that cause from participation in the Community Fund at a later stage.

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