The Midlands Astronomy Club (MAC) Co. Offaly

Every time you shop at Tesco you’re doing your part to help thousands of local causes across the country. Since starting our Community Fund in 2014, the Tesco Community Fund has been able to donate nearly €2million to over 5,000 of these deserving causes, thanks to you.

The Midlands Astronomy Club (MAC) is one of 144 causes in Offaly that has benefited from the Tesco Community Fund.  As the only amateur astronomy club in the country that has its own observing site, MAC is always fundraising for new projects, and they are so passionate about their hobby that they even built their own observatory complete with telescopes to open up the skies to those young and old.

MAC has ambitious plans for the future. The club currently has between 50 and 60 members, ranging in age from seven years old to 80 plus. Attracting new members is one of the biggest challenges it faces, along with a lack of funding. 

“We have major plans for the site,” says Jason Fallon, Club Secretary, “but money is always a problem. We want to hold lectures and have school tours. We need to refresh the observatory, to repaint it and to replace the telescope with a more powerful one. The donation from Tesco Community Fund means a lot, and it makes a real difference. We don’t get any outside funding, and this donation takes the pressure from members to pay for things out of their own pockets.”