Deise Animal Sanctuary, Co. Waterford

Every time you shop at Tesco you’re doing your part to help thousands of local causes across the country. Since starting our Community Fund in 2014, the Tesco Community Fund has been able to donate nearly €2million to over 5,000 of these deserving causes, thanks to you.

Based in the heart of the Nire Valley, Co. Waterford, the Deise Animal Sanctuary provides a second chance for all animals in crisis who have been neglected and mistreated.

Founder, Patricia Edwards, and the team of volunteers never turn an animal in need away. This includes emergency welfare cases coming in from all around Ireland, rehoming dogs from the Waterford Pound and taking in wild animals that have been involved in accidents or cannot look after themselves.

The team has discovered that an increasing amount of people are finding themselves unable to care for their more ‘exotic’ pets;  so the Sanctuary has now seen hundreds of different animals come through the centre and is always trying to adapt to new species! Some of the almost 200 animals they currently house include: horses, dogs, goats, hens, ducks, geese, wild boar, sheep, birds, bearded dragons, degus, rabbits, cats, snakes, peacocks, sparrowhawks, foxes, pigs, fish, ferrets and guinea pigs.

The Sanctuary became involved in the Tesco Community Fund in April to raise much needed funds for veterinary costs for animals that have been rescued from cruelty. With the help of the fund they have also been able to purchase additional food supplies.

Patricia, Founder of the Sanctuary, “Thanks to our involvement in the Community Fund we have raised our profile locally, and we now have local people volunteering with us who had never heard of us before. We have even had colleagues from the Tesco store in Clonmel rehome some of our dogs. We are so thankful for all the support we received from Tesco particularly from Chris the Store Manager in Clonmel, who was so helpful.”