Slow cooker chicken casserole recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole Recipe

Rich tomato sauce infused with sweet paprika and smoky chorizo make this easy slow cooker chicken casserole the perfect dish to feed the family.

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 195 minutes

Servings: 4 people


  1. Set your slow cooker to medium. Coat the chicken in 1 tbsp olive oil and paprika. Season with salt and pepper and then set aside.
  2. Heat the remaining oil in a large frying pan on a medium-high heat and add the chorizo, cook for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Turn the heat down to medium, add the onions and cook for a further 3-4 minutes or until soft.
  4. Add the garlic and flour, cook for 1 minute, then remove from the pan and set aside.
  5. Put the saffron (if using) in a small glass and pour over 2 tbsp boiling water to infuse.
  6. Heat the same frying pan used to cook the chorizo and onions on a medium-high heat.
  7. Add the chicken to the pan and brown on each side for 1 minute or until golden.
  8. Add the chicken, chorizo and onions to the slow cooker. Pour over the stock and tomato puree.
  9. Add the baby plum tomatoes, celery and saffron-infused water (if using). Stir well to combine, cover with the lid and cook for 2.5-3 hours or until the chicken is very tender.
  10. Add the butter beans, cover and cook for 15 mins. Divide the casserole into bowls and top with chopped parsley. Serve with grains such as couscous or quinoa, or crusty bread to dip.


  1. Freezing and defrosting guidelines
  2. Once the casserole has cooled completely, transfer it to a freezer-safe container, freeze for up to 1-3 months.
  3. To serve, defrost thoroughly in the fridge overnight before reheating on a low heat in a saucepan until hot and bubbling, around 15-20 minutes.



600g skinless, boneless chicken thigh fillets
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp smoked sweet paprika
1 x 225g pack Spanish chorizo ring, sliced into rounds
2 red onions, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 tbsp plain flour
pinch saffron (optional)
2 chicken stock cubes, made up to 600ml 
70g tomato purée
250g baby plum tomatoes
3 celery sticks, cut into 3cm pieces 
2 x 400g tins butterbeans, rinsed and drained
large handful flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped

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