Car Hacks You Need to Know for Cold Conditions

These handy tips could help you keep your motor running if a 'frozen windscreen' morning catches you by surprise.



Park Facing the Sun

Face east and your windscreen will catch the sunrise, which will help to melt the morning frost, making de-icing a breeze.

Protect Windscreen Wipers

Add a cup of vodka to windscreen washer fluid the night before a frost to stop it freezing, and leave the wipers ‘up’ and covered with a pair of old socks to prevent the rubber from freezing.

Demist the Windscreen

de-ice your locks frozen car tips

Shaving foam is the secret ingredient for keeping the inside of your car windows mist-free. Just wipe it on and buff dry with a clean cloth.

De-ice Frozen Locks

Rub a blob of alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel on the car lock and the car key to speed up the defrosting. Leave it for a couple of minutes and you’ll be well on your way.

Make Your Own De-Icer

Save money by making a de-icer solution from regular store cupboard ingredients you have at home. Who knew vinegar could be so helpful?! Watch our video to see how it's made.

Frost-proof the Wing Mirrors

Place plastic freezer bags over each mirror and use rubber bands to hold them in place overnight.

Keep a Bag of Cat Litter in the Boot

Cat litter is not only super cheap, it also absorbs moisture preventing frost or condensation forming inside the car. It also makes good emergency grit for icy roads and pavements.

Protect Your Car Mats

Use squares of cardboard as makeshift floor mats to absorb any excess water from snow or ice, because no-one likes cleaning the car in the winter.

Use the Heating

Switch on the car engine and blast the heating to help de-ice the windscreen and windows quicker. Don’t forget to clear the roof, mirrors and lights, too.