Toilet roll tube gift

This handy craft is good to know anytime of the year whether you’re getting organised for pass the parcel or carefully presenting a stocking filler for your little ones. All you need is a few art supplies and some leftover toilet roll tubes.

toilet roll collection

What You Need

what you need

  • Tesco Dairy Toffee Sweets
  • Fancy paper strips
  • Pritt Stick
  • A scissors
  • Empty toilet roll tubes


Step 1

step 2

Take the empty toilet paper roll tube and fold in both sides of the cardboard on both ends. When finished you should have a shape that looks like the image below.

Step 2

step 3

It’s a good idea to put your present inside the parcel now to make things easier for you. If it’s something delicate that you think could be damaged in the decorating process you can leave one of the sides open.

Step 3

final stage toilet roll tube

Cut a rectangular strip of wrapping paper and Pritt Stick it to the cardboard as shown in the image below. Now wrap the twine lengthways and crossways the same way you would a regular sized gift.

If you’re worried that either side of the gift might open, you can glue them shut.