Surprising Uses for Clothes Hangers

Here are a few simple ways you can 'hack the clothes hanger' to do more than just a hang a top or a pair of trousers.

Hang Multiple Items at Once

Use shower curtain clips to hang multiple items on the one clothes hanger. Simply attach as shown on the picture. 

scarf and belt hanger

Use Ring Pulls from Soda Cans for more Wardrobe Space

Thread one hole over the hanger hook and then slip another hanger through the other hole of the ring pull. It’s great for saving space in your wardrobe or organising outfits.

ring pull hangers 

Make Homemade Non-Slip Hangers

It’s so frustrating when clothes slip off their hangers. Make your own non-slip hangers for vests, tops and dresses by tying elastic bands on either side of the hanger for excellent grip.

hanger hack elastic bands

DIY Cookbook Holder

Keep your worktop clutter-free and your favourite cookbook from being splattered with food with this clever hack for holding recipe books.