Steak Masterclass: Steak cuts

Do you know the difference between the various cuts of beef? We've broken down some of the most popular selections for you with some serving suggestions.

Steak masterclass cuts of beef



This versatile cut is taken from the middle back of the animal and has fat marbled throughout, which adds delicious flavour.

Sirloin steak goes great with homemade chunky chips and garlic butter. If you don’t have a deep fat fryer you can shallow fry your chips in a pan of oil. Do not leave pan unattended when shallow frying.

Strip loin


From the short loin, nearer the middle of the animal. It's particularly tender and perfect for roasting whole or cutting into steaks. It has a thin cap of fat on one side that enhances the flavour as it cooks on the pan.

Striploin is great as part of ‘a pepper steak pasta’ dish. Grill the steak and cook it until it’s well done. Boil some tagliatelle and make some pepper sauce. When everything is cooked, mix together in a pot and serve with garlic bread and parmesan.



A very lean cut of beef that's loved for its tender texture. Fillet is taken from the middle of the animal and lends itself well to grilling and frying. This is the most tender cut of meat and is usually cut as a thick medallion shape.

Prepare with some cracked black pepper, oil and salt before cooking. Don’t smother this prime cut in sauce, simply enjoy the natural flavours. Serve with some baby boiled potatoes, some boiled spinach and a side of English mustard.



A cut that comes from the ribs and is marbled with fat, making it flavoursome and succulent. Best enjoyed thickly cut and cooked slowly to let the fat melt and the flavour intensify.

If you’re looking to serve steak with a jus or wine sauce, ribeye is a great choice. A red wine sauce with garlic, parsley and soy sauce is a popular choice for pouring over ribeye.

Round /Rump 


A thin cut that comes from the backside of the animal. It may be slightly tougher and often cheaper to purchase than other cuts because it’s hind area’s muscles would be well exercised.   

Thin cuts of round steak are great for making a steak and fried onion sandwich. Pan fry the steak and place in ciabatta bread or a roll with other fillings of your choice.