Steak Masterclass: Pepper sauce and serve

Pepper sauce is the ‘go to’ sauce for many steak lovers. Here’s a recipe from our chef extraordinaire, Dermot Gannon, which uses some simple ingredients to make a delicious home-cooked sauce.


2 shallots finely diced

2 sprigs of thyme

2 sprigs of rosemary

60g thinly chopped chorizo

1 tablespoon crushed black peppercorns

3 garlic cloves crushed

40 ml brandy

150 ml double cream

40g butter


The best time to make your pepper sauce is while your steaks are resting, once they’re finished on the pan. 

Get the pan you just used for the steak and put it back on the heat. Leave the oil from the steak and any seasoning that remains in the pan. 

Add the thyme, the chorizo, the shallots and the black peppercorns.

Sauté the mixture for a minute or so until the shallots appear translucent, then generously add the brandy.

Let it flame up (be careful) and burn off the alcohol. Reduce the mixture down by two thirds and then pour in your double cream and start reducing that by two thirds as well.

The sauce will thicken up now. Finally add the butter and stir until it is all dissolved in the mixture.

To serve, pour over hot Counter Tesco Finest Irish Angus Strip Loin Steak or serve in a ramekin dish on the side

Steak Masterclass: Pepper sauce and serve