Shaving Hacks for Men

As Father’s Day approaches, here are eight of our favourite shaving hacks that every man out there should know in times of need.

1. Alternative Shaving Foam

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There’s nothing worse than starting a shave and realising that your trusty shaving foam is out of action. Unscented moisturisers and face soaps can also help you create a lather that will help you finish the job. Be sure to throw out the empty container, so you don’t get caught again.

2. Post Razor Care Technique

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We’ve all done it — shaving then running out the door to catch the morning commute, while the razor sits in the wet sink until your return. This can rust and jam the razor which can lead to irritation the next time that you go to shave. Once you’re finished your shave rinse the razor and give it a tap on the sink to dislodge any hair or shaving foam from the blades. Now dab it on a bath towel and let it dry standing up. Use a mug or the razorblade holder that came with your razor.

3. Accept When a Razor is Dead

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Disposable razors have their name for a reason — they don’t last forever. You’d be lucky to get two shaves out of a disposable razor, especially if you have a fair bit of stubble. Knowing when to bin a blade can reduce irritation going forward and give you quicker and smoother shaves. For replaceable blades, you can get 3-4 weeks use after the first shave if you keep them clean and stored correctly.

4. Go Electric for Your First Cut

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If you‘re hacking away at a full beard with a disposable razor blade you’re obviously going to get into trouble. For anything more than 5-6 days growth, go over the area with a beard trimmer first. This will make the remaining layer of stubble easy to remove with a wet shave.

You can also use this tip if you’re tackling some tall grass in your back garden. Set the blade to a high setting first then go over the lawn again a second time for a closer cut.

5. Ice Ice Shavey

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Shave with hot water to soften your facial hairs and allow the blade to glide easier across your skin.

To give your skin a boost when it comes to recovery, add a handful of ice cubes to a bowl of water and give your face several cold splashes. The cold water can tighten your skin and close your pores while your face is still clean, reducing the likeliness of visible irritation of rashes.

6. Go with the Grain

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This can be solid life advice and shaving advice. When you are wet shaving, move the blade in the direction that the hair grows. Dragging the razor ‘against the grain‘ can lead to an uncomfortable shave and lead to cuts or scrapes. This being said, sometimes to get those difficult spots on the chin, you need to be flexible with your movements.

7. Lip Balm for Cuts

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Are you still dressing your shaving cuts with wet tissue? This certainly works, but can be a bit embarrassing when you forget to remove the paper on your morning commute. Use a thick lip balm or Vasoline to dress the cuts instead. The transparent appearance of the balm acts like an invisible plaster.

8. Cut your Costs

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Shaving can be an expensive process, but thanks to the new Tesco Advanced Performance Triple Blade Razor, you can finally cut your costs.   It's only €4.69 and perfect for Father's Day.