Save Money for Your 2017 Summer Holiday

This year, make sure you have your best summer holiday yet with our money saving hacks.


Pay in Cash not Card

Stop paying with your debit card. If you take cash out daily, you will be far more aware of how much you are spending. Plus, all the spare change will add up in your money saving jar.

Collect Coins

Remember the excitement of having a collection of something as a kid? Marbles? Stickers? Stamps? Well, relive that excitement with this next tip! Choose a coin to collect; 50c, €1 or if you're feeling brave €2. Every time you get one of these, keep it and pop it in a jar at home. Build your fund even faster by swapping change with your friends and family. Before you know it they'll be saving your favourite coin for you too! You'll be surprised at the amount you can save up for something nice.

Coffee Cut Back

We’re all guilty of including a few non essentials in our daily spend. For some people the temptation of a morning hot drink from our favourite coffee shop, even though we know that there’s coffee and tea in the kitchen at work, is one such vice. Go two weeks without this morning stop off and see what the extra coins in your pocket add up to.

Conduct a Health Check on Your Bills

Use price comparison websites to see if you could be paying less on things like car or home insurance. This could help you make savings on your monthly expenditure whether you have a savings goal in mind or not. You could use the same tactic when it comes to choosing flights or accommodation for your holidays. You could start off your savings journey on a positive from the very start.


Cook All Your Meals Yourself

Limit meals out, stop getting takeaways and start cooking at home. Head to Tesco Food and Community for thousands of inspiring ideas.

Sell Things Online

You’d be amazed at what people want to buy online. Declutter your home and collect any clothes, gadgets, phones, or even small things like Christmas decorations that you no longer want, and sell them online on a second hand website. Even with the fees you have to pay, you can still make some extra cash towards your trip.

Buy Birthday Presents That Are Holiday-Friendly

If you have family birthdays between now and your week away, buy presents that they need for the holiday. This way you won’t need to stock up on swimming costumes, travel toiletries and beach balls nearer the time.

Cut Down on Monthly Outgoings

Give up expensive memberships, such as the gym. You can exercise at home for free or make walking a regular part of your day.

Being more active will also mean you won’t need to have the heating on so much, saving you money on utility bills at the same time.