Rose-Print Mother's Day Card

Show off your creative talents and make this elegant handmade Mother's Day card using just celery, food colouring and wrapping paper.

Gather Your Supplies 

mothers day card step 1

To make your Mother's Day card, you'll need: 1 celery stick, 2 rubberbands, red and green food colouring, scissors, a paintbrush and a sheet of wrapping paper. 

Prepare Celery 

mothers day card step 2

Firstly, place one rubberband at the top of your celery stalk and another near the bottom. Next, cut off the base of the celery and dry with paper towels. 

Red Food Colouring 

mothers day card step 3

After you've removed excess moisture from the celery base, pour out a small amount of red food colouring and dip the celery, cut-side down, into the food dye. 

Create a Rose Stamp 

mothers day card step 4

Remember to remove excess food colouring, then stamp the cut-side down to reveal beautiful rose-shaped motifs. 

Cut Out Your Vase 

glue card

Using your patterned or coloured wrapping paper, cut out the shape of a vase and glue it onto your card. 

Get Painting 

green leaves 2

To add the finishing touches, use your green food colouring to paint the rose's stalks and leaves.