Romantic Ideas for a Valentine's Day at Home

Valentines Day is nearly upon us and it’s time to start planning how to celebrate! It’s widely known that many restaurants will be overcrowded with lots of couples on the 14th February, so why not spend it at home with your loved one? After all, they say home is where the heart is!

 Here are some cute Valentine’s Day ideas for marking this special day :


Breakfast In Bed

 An oldie but a goodie! Get the day off to a romantic start and surprise your partner with breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day with all of their favourite foods. We think pancakes with a selection of supersweet strawberries, raspberries and blueberries served with maple syrup is a surefire winner! You could also add a decorative touch with a few flowers and some heart shaped confetti on the serving tray.


Dine in for Two

Plan a romantic dinner in the comfort of your own home. Before your loved one arrives,  decorate the table with candles and flowers and add fairy lights to set the mood for the evening ahead.

If you’d like to spend less time in the kitchen, we can recommend some great options for each course in the Tesco Finest range, including mains, sides and desserts.

For mains, choose from traditional lasagne, tasty lemon and herb chicken, delicious  ranch steak with garlic butter or even pork belly with apple and cider sauce.

For sides, choose from creamy mashed potatoes, our delicious trio of cabbage or flavoursome petit pois, leeks and pancetta. Browse the full range here.

For desserts, you are spoiled for choice with strawberry and prosecco trifle, scrumptious swiss chocolate profiteroles or for something a little different, an amazingly tasty salted caramel dessert.

If you plan on cooking from scratch, there’s a whole host of options for a classic and easy romantic meal. We recommend melon to start, followed by a steak and red wine main course and some tasty treats for dessert. You could also pop a bottle of champagne or prosecco while exchanging gifts to round off the evening!


Fireside Movie Night

 Why not curl up in front of a roaring fire and watch your favourite movie from the comfort of your sofa? Perhaps revisit an old classic like Notting Hill, Love Actually or The Notebook to name but a few. Afterwards you could sit back, relax and reminisce on old times together. For an added romantic touch, break out the champagne on ice and some strawberries for the special occasion!


Romantic Stroll And Picnic

February in Ireland might be a tad cold, so you may not get a picnic outdoors. However, you could still drive to your favourite spot, bundle up warm and have a romantic walk together in a treasured place for you both. Perhaps that’s a nearby forest or park where you can walk hand in hand around a scenic lake and feed the ducks. Afterwards come home and share a memorable picnic in your living room! Preparation is key. Fill your picnic basket with delectable food and drink that you know they’ll love and have it ready and waiting for when you arrive home. We recommend choosing some specialty food and drinks to mark the occasion. Some nice food ideas would be:


Mini Skewers

Skewers are a great idea for combining different foods and making the perfect snack for a picnic. Here are a couple you could try:

  • Savoury Version:  Melon, ham, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes
  • Sweet Version:  Strawberries, Cherries and Marshmallows


Heart Shaped Sandwiches

Get some cookie cutters and cut up some sandwiches into small heart shapes. Sure, it’s a little bit cheesy, but you can have a great laugh over these tiny, silly sandwiches and a hot flask of tea or coffee!



If you’re looking for something different and  easy to prepare, then we recommend sushi as the perfect picnic snack. Sushi is a great alternative to sandwiches and there are so many different varieties these days, you’re sure to find a combination that they’ll love! Check out this handy starter sushi kit and have fun making your own personalised sushi rolls together.


Sweet Treats

 For a fun twist on a picnic, why not go all out and fill a basket with some deliciously sweet treats like Love Hearts, Jelly Beans, Pick & Mix or a selection of their favourite chocolates.

 For drinks, we recommend champagne, prosecco or wine , depending on their preference of course! Browse our Valentine’s drinks recommendations.


Spa Night

When your sweetheart gets home, surprise them with a hot bath filled with rose petals and surrounded by scented candles. You could also make up a personalised gift basket of their favourite beauty or grooming essentials and have them waiting for them when they get home. Finish the night off by enjoying some posh ice-cream or a takeaway while you watch a romantic movie. Bliss!


Message in a Balloon

 You’ve heard of message in a bottle, but we think you will love this cute idea to show your partner how much you love them! Get a pack of pink and red balloons, some fancy card and coloured pens and write little love notes for your partner to read. Pop a note in each balloon with a unique message on what makes them so special to you!


Whatever way you choose to spend Valentine’s, we hope you and your loved one enjoy the most romantic day of the year and make precious memories that you can savour for years to come.

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