Practical ways to increase your productivity

For mid-afternoon slumps or long mornings, try these simple tips to help boost your motivation and productivity at work.

Posture power

Next time in you’re in a slump, try standing in the ‘superhero pose’ – straight back, head raised, arms pointed outwards with hands on hips. Do this for a couple of minutes to give your body a quick and refreshing boost.

Time management

40 minutes is the ideal time to spend on a task. Spending too much time on one task can slow down productivity, so after 40 minutes take a short break before getting back to work with fresh motivation.

Use an egg timer

Is there one task that you just hate having to do? Set an egg timer each day to do the task until you hear the ping, so you’re gradually getting the task done throughout the week instead of leaving it to the last minute. This trick also works for checking emails and scrolling through social media sites.

Tea break tactics

Short, frequent breaks are better than long ones, because you can spend the rest of your time getting things done. Long breaks means that you’ll lose your momentum and have to spend some time to re-focus your mind on the task.

Change of scenery

Did you know that background noise from other people can actually boost your productivity? If you work from home why not take your work to a local café?

Or if you're stuck in work, there are loads of websites available to recreate the soothing sounds of a coffee shop.

Write a to-do list

The trick is to write only five tasks that you want to achieve in that day as you’re more likely to get them done. A long list can be overwhelming and you’re less likely to get things done.

Practical Ways To Be More Productive