6 Morning Routine Hacks for Grown-Ups

Get out the door on time with a spring in your step using these quick and easy hacks. Take back those precious minutes and conquer your weekdays!

1. Hang Your Outfit the Night Before

Attach an adhesive hook to your wardrobe door and use it to hang up the following day’s clothes, including all underwear and socks. Get into this evening habit, and you’ll easily save yourself a frantic 10 minutes in the morning rummaging through your wardrobe.

2. Wake up Energised

Wake up on the right side of the bed with the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app. Just set the alarm for a 30-minute window, and the soothing alarm sounds will only trigger during a light sleep phase so you wake up naturally and feel rested.

Use it for more than a week, and you’ll begin to see graphs and trends showing sleeping patterns according to days of the weeks, the moon, weather and daily activity.

3. Time your Morning Shower

Set an alarm on your phone for a maximum of five minutes to encourage you to quicken the pace. Multi-task by lathering up with body wash while you condition your hair or shave.

4. Organise your Bathroom

Have your daily showering essentials like shampoo, body wash and a razor at arm’s length away for maximum efficiency.

Try magnetic strips on your bathroom cabinet to store hair accessories, tools and cosmetics for quick and easy access. 

5. Forget the Iron

Hang a lightly-creased shirt or top in the bathroom while you take your morning shower. The steam will smooth out creases and you won’t have to drum your fingers on the ironing board waiting for the iron to heat up.

If your outfit really needs an iron, use your bed as a base to save you wrestling with the ironing board.

6. Organise Your Dressing Table

Position all the cosmetics you use every day, including deodorant, hairspray and perfume, on the top of the dressing table rather than in drawers, so you can quickly grab and use without hunting around.