5 inspiring ideas to make your mince go further.


We know Irish people love mince, they buy more of it than any other meat. That's why it's one of the 800 products you won't pay more for at Tesco.

1.      Use chocolate in your chilli


dark choc

If you’ve been sticking to the same chilli recipe since before you can remember then it might be time to mince things up with some delicious dark chocolate. Simply add five squares of dark chocolate to this chilli recipe as you do the final simmering.

The chocolate delivers a delicate after taste that can also help cool down the recipe if you have added too much chilli.

2.      Leftover mince muffins

Make last night’s Bolognese go that bit further with the help of a couple of eggs and a cupcake tray. Mix two eggs in a bowl with some cooked pasta and leftover Bolognese.

Grease up a number of cupcake insets with some butter. Apply the mixture to a number of spaces and grate some cheese on top. Bake for 20 minutes to cook off the egg and allow to cool.

3.      Cheesy surprise



Mix in some mozzarella balls into your burger mince to create cheese-stuffed burgers. Mozzarella holds its consistency when heated better than regular cheddar. A handy tip for cheese and burger lovers alike.  

4.      Stretch out your leftover mince

If you only have two large spoonful’s left of your leftover mince dish you can stretch it out for tomorrows lunch with some chopped chorizo, kidney beans and chick peas. In fact if you couldn’t help yourself from licking the spoon and polishing the last of your dinner you can use those other ingredients to make a handy chilli on their own.

5.      Make a meaty soup


It doesn’t always have to be pasta and chilli con carne to make the most of your mince. Spice up a tomato soup with some crumbly mince meatballs to create a filling tummy warmer.  


Irish families buy more mince than other meat - that's why it's one of the 800 products you won't pay more for at Tesco.