Top Secret Time Capsule

Filled with precious memories, a time capsule is the perfect way to capture your child's personality in those fun early years. 

kids time capsule

Step One:

Find a weather-proof box, like a biscuit tin or plastic container, that you can use to bury outdoors.

If you don't have a back garden, an old shoebox hidden at the back of the wardrobe will also work perfectly.

Step Two:

Next, ask and adult to print off these ready-made time capsule templates

Step Three: 

Colour in the templates and complete the questions. Don't forget to mention all the things you love, like your favourite toys, colour or film. 

Step Four:  

Place the templates in your time capsule, along with any objects that represent your life today, like drawings, hand prints, toys or photos. 

Step Five: 

Seal the box completely and bury or hide it. Don't forget to mark or note the spot –  you don't want to forget where it is! 

Step Six: 

Open in one, five or 10 years' time and see what life was like in 2017.