How to spend less time on housework

Here are some handy tricks to help cut down on the time you spend dusting, washing-up and ironing.

spend less time on housework

1. How to iron a shirt in no time

Turn shirts inside out to iron over the buttoned side and get them done in half the time. If it’s cold out and you’re unlikely to remove your jumper or jacket, just iron the front and collar – no one will know. Stay away from the heaters though!

2. How to clean a microwave in minutes

Everybody hates cleaning out the microwave. Here's how to make it a fuss-free job: add water and vinegar to a microwavable bowl, cook it on high power for three minutes and leave the door shut for five, letting the steam do the heavy lifting for you. Finally, wipe down with a cloth. Use your vinegar solution (careful – it’ll be hot) to tackle any stubborn bits.

3. Dusting tips

Use a lint roller to dust difficult spots like lampshades or down the side of your mattress. Golden rule:  always dust from top to bottom – this way you won’t end up going over a bit you’ve already wiped with your duster. 

4. Clean as you go

Running the tap as soon as you put mucky pots and pans in the sink will prevent food from sticking on, making your post-dinner washing-up that much easier. You can also grab some washing up time while you wait for pans to boil and microwaves to ping, leaving a minimum amount of cleaning up to do after you’ve eaten.

5. Don't let rubbish run you down

Keep a stock of rubbish bags at the bottom of bins and you’ll have fresh ones to line them with every time you take the rubbish out. Stay vigilant with the bags and you'll cut down on how often the bin needs a rinse,

6. Keep your receipts and shop online

Use weekly shopping receipts like a shopping list. Simply scratch off the items you didn't use or threw out this week. Shopping online will also help to avoid impulse purchases, saving you both time and money. See more ways to make your food shop cheaper here.