6 Simple Steps to Speed up your Morning Routine

After the summer break we know it can be hard to get the morning routine back on track in your house. So here are some tips to get yourself and your family out the door and on time.

How to speed up the school morning routine


1. Morning timers

Set times for when the children need to have certain morning tasks completed. It can be how long they have to brush their teeth or a time to sit down at the kitchen table. For extra encouragement, try and make a game out of it.

Another way to do this is to create a playlist that goes on for as long as you need in the morning. When the last song plays, you know it’s time to leave. But, be sure to check that everyone has their shoes on when you reach the car the first couple of times you try this!

2. The night before

Don’t lose time searching for homework, books and PE gear in the morning — make it routine that all bags are packed and ready to go by the door every night before bed along with coats and shoes. Also before your children’s bedtime, lay out school clothes so they’re ready for the next day.

3. Keep essentials in one place

Have some separate boxes in your kitchen where keys, lunch boxes, and travel passes go in the evenings so you’ll always know where they are in the morning.

4. Breakfast food prep

Sometimes it’s the time it takes to get breakfast ready that’s running down the clock in the mornings. See if there’s any parts of the meal you can have ready the night before, such as hard boiling eggs for tomorrow's breakfast.

You can also make a bowl of porridge the night before then add some milk and heat it up in the microwave when you are ready to eat it. 

5. Packed lunch pick n' mix drawer

Fill the crisper, or another section of your fridge, with fruit pops, mini yoghurts or other lunch box snacks after you do your shopping. You now have a quick go to area with ready to go fillers to pop in your child's lunchbox. Now the only part of the lunch you will have to make during the week is the sandwich or the salad, which can still be made the night before.

6. Standby car kit

Avoid ever having to turn the car around to return home for any forgotten items. Ask everyone to check if they have homework, lunch and whatever else they need. You can also have a standby kit in the car that has spare notebooks, pencils, pens, tissues and any other supplies that might warrant a U-turn.