How to Make Your Own Garden Pot Stacker

You don’t need to have a big garden to make it look fantastic. This DIY pot stacker trick is suitable for any sized space and is so easy to put together.



What you Need

-Bedding plants



-Bamboo cane

-4 garden pots, each with a central drainage hole in the base

(You will need: 1 large pot, 1 medium pot, 1 small pot, 1 extra small pot)

How to Make

Fill the base of the biggest pot with the pebbles. You’ll need enough to make sure that the pot doesn’t blow over in windy weather.

Now top up the pot with garden compost and place the cane in the centre.

Now feed the second largest pot onto the top of the cane and fill it with compost.

Repeat this process with the next two pots and if you have any concerns about the stack’s stability, you can add more stones where you need to.

All that’s left to do is plant the flowers and water regularly.

Don’t forget that water will flow out through the drainage holes so set up your stack in a part of the garden that you don’t mind getting wet.


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