A cleaner looking home in 10 minutes

Here's a handy 10 minute countdown that will go a long way to help you keep your home tidy. These tips are ideal when you have guests arriving at short notice and there’s no time to give your house a deep clean.

How to make your home look cleaner in 10 minutes

A Few Dos and Don'ts 


- Work quickly and in order

- Disguise and hide items to deal with later

- Carry essential cleaning items with you as you go

- Carry a basket with you to collect items that shouldn’t be in the room you’re tidying


- Focus on any one problem for too long. The aim is clearing, not cleaning

- Try to do too much or you won’t have time to do anything

- Worry if you don’t get it all done – your guests will surely look past a bit of clutter

- Forget to open some windows and let fresh air circulate


It's 2.20pm and you're expecting a knock on the door at 2.30pm. Here is your 10 minute quick clean countdown.

10 minutes

Start in the kitchen. Put away any plates that are draining and stash any clutter in a cupboard or drawer. If you can, hide any dirty dishes in the dishwasher or in the washing up bowl under the sink. You can go back and clean them once your guests have gone.

9 minutes

Nothing makes a kitchen look messier than crumbs and food debris. Sweep any bits that are lying about into the bin and quickly wipe worktops with a damp cloth. To finish, pop a fresh tea towel out and throw the other in the washing machine.

8 minutes

With the kitchen done, move onto the living room. Straighten up cushions after giving them a good shake. Fold any throws and place them over the sofa back, arm or anywhere there happens to be a stain. 

7 minutes

De-clutter by putting papers and any post in drawers and popping any items that should be in another room into the laundry basket. Stack magazines and books into neat piles and pop any gadgets next to the TV or into a cupboard.

6 minutes

As the living room is where your guests will most likely sit, think about where their eyes will fall. Wipe dust and marks from the coffee table and other surfaces with a clean damp cloth.

5 minutes

Another place your visitors are likely to visit is the bathroom. This needs a quick once over. Quickly pour bleach around the toilet rim while flushing. Hide any dirty towels or bath mats in the tub behind the shower curtain or pop them in the washing machine drum.

4 minutes

Take your damp cloth and get to work on a speedy wipe of the bathroom mirror to remove any toothpaste splatter and wipe out the sink. Finish the bathroom by hanging up a clean hand towel.

3 – 2 minutes

Time for a quick hoovering. This might sound like an oxymoron, but for now just hoover up any big or obvious bits of fluff or dust on the carpet or floor. You can come back and give the hoover a full shift at another time. If you can only see one or two large specks of fluff or paper, pick them out rather than hoover.

1 minute

One last minute to make a difference, and it should be spent with finishing touches. Imagine you can hear the music from Countdown in the background to motivate yourself.  Put the hoover back, hide the laundry basket and give each room a quick spray with the air freshener. And breathe!