How to make your food shop cheaper

Here are some supermarket secrets that will help you to speed up your weekly shop and assist in reducing your bill.

How to make your food shop cheaper

1. Time your shop

Prevent time wasted in the supermarket by turning shopping into a timed task. It doesn’t have to be at a record-setting pace, but if you convince yourself you only have an hour you'll only put what you need in the trolley and avoid any unneccessary or costly additions. Also keep in mind the time and day of the week you visit the supermarket. Saturday afternoon is always going to be busy so allow yourself extra time to go about the rest of your day in case of delays.

2. Join Tesco Clubcard

Loyalty cards are generally free and mean you’ll get loads of vouchers from the shops you buy things from regularly. And with loads of amazing online deals to be had during events like Clubcard Boost, it’s really a no brainer to sign up.

3. Use a meal planner

Plan your meals in advance and you’ll spend your hard earned cash on things you're sure to use up. Making the decisions when you’re at home instead of at the shop also means you’ll spend less time pushing a trolley around. Divide the week into three meals a day and then write down the ingredients you will need for each. Don't forget to include one or two treats for yourself. You can visit our recipes page for meal inspiration.

4. Use your phone as a shopping list

Scraps of paper easily get lost, so keep track of what you need to buy on your smartphone. You can use your notepad app on your phone to jot items down, or simpler still, take a photo of your shopping list — no more forgotten items or repeat purchases.

5. Look out for Staying Down Prices

Before you go shopping, check online and take note of all of your favourite items that are staying down at great value prices. There are endless combinations of meal ideas that can be made by this wide range of items.

6. Don't forget your freezer

While you're writing up your shopping list think about what items could go in your freezer.

You can approach this in two ways:

You can think of the meals you will make on the day of your shop that can go straight into the freezer.

Alternatively you can plan meals for the end of the week that can use freezable ingredients just in case you change your mind mid-week.

You can check out our 'How To' guide on frozen food essentials for more tips on shopping with your freezer in mind.