How to make tumble dryer balls

Soften your washing and speed up your cycle with these homemade tumble dryer balls.

You will need

  • Wool
  • A pair of old stockings or tights
  • Scissors

Homemade Tumble Dryer Balls Ingredients

Step 1

Wrap the wool tightly around two fingers 10 times, then remove the bundle from your fingers.

Step one - wrap wool tightly

Step 2

Continue wrapping the wool around from every angle to create a ball shape. Repeat the process until it resembles the size of a tennis ball.

Cut the end of the wool and weave the end through the ball using a hook or pushing it through with your finger.

Step two - wrap wool

Step 3

Place the balls into an old stocking or pair of tights and tie a knot so it's secure.

Step three - put balls into stockings or tights

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 to make additional balls. Pop them into the same stocking, tying a knot between each ball to keep them separate.

Place your dryer balls in the washing machine on a hot wash ,along with your laundry, then into the tumble dryer at around 60 degrees.

Step four - create additional balls

Step 5

After a few washing and drying cycles, the balls should shrink, become more solid, with the outside gradually turning to felt. 

Cut away the stocking to reveal your homemade tumble dryer balls.

Step five - take off stockings to reveal dryer balls

How to use your dryer balls

Pop the balls into your tumble dryer with each load of laundry. They will absorb excess moisture, helping to reduce the drying time, and reduce static, too.

Tip: Add a few drops of essential oil to the balls, to give your clothes a subtle scent without the need for costly laundry conditioner or dryer sheets.


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Homemade Tumble Dryer Balls