How to make an outdoor heater with flower pots

Enjoy longer evenings in the back garden this summer with this DIY outdoor heater.

You will need

-One small terracotta pot
-One large terracotta pot
-Three pillar candles
-Four bricks
-Large baking tray
-Tin foil
-Matches or a lighter
-Oven gloves

Step 1

Cut a square out from a sheet of foil and put to one side – you will need this in a later step.

make an outdoor heater


Step 2

On either side of a baking tray stack two bricks on top of one other.

Make an outdoor heater

Step 3

In the space in between the two sets of bricks, place the candles and light using a match or a lighter. 

The more candles you use, the more heat will be generated. Small tea lights work well, but can burn out very quickly.

Make an outdoor heater

Step 4

Place the small terracotta pot over the candles so the pot sits on the bricks and is stable. Place the tin foil square over the draining hole.

make an outdoor heater

Step 5

Place the larger terracotta pot over the small terracotta pot, ensuring the pot safely rests on the bricks. 

Make sure you use oven gloves when dismantling the outdoor heater, as the pots will get hot.




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How to make an outdoor heater with flower pots