How to host a Eurovision pot luck night

If you’re hosting a Eurovision party in your house this week, you’ll love this fun way to bring the flavours of the world into your home, without taking on all the cooking duties alone.

How to host a Eurovision pot luck night

As the semi-finals heat up to deliver the final 20 contestant countries, jot down the names of those that progress and put as many as you need into a hat — if you’re expecting six guests, you’ll need six country names.

Draw a country name on behalf of each of your guests and message everyone their results. Everyone must arrive with a dish that represents that country’s cuisine on final night.

Sit down and enjoy your food before the event kicks off and be sure to grade each other’s food appropriately. Who will receive the coveted ‘doux points’ and is anyone brave enough to award the ill-fated ‘non points’?

Bragging rights to the winner!

Here are some international recipes to inspire your culinary journey.

Italy — Tricolour Lasagne

Cheer on the Italians with this decadent Tricolour lasagne. Be sure to cut off a slice of this tasty dish for tomorrow’s lunch before you serve it up to hungry guests.

Tricolour lasagne


Greece— Lamb Kofta Curry 

It’s great to have an excuse to drum up some kofta meatballs. Now if only we could magic some Greek weather as easy. 

kofta 2

France (or Russia) — Chicken Kiev

Believe it or not, chicken Kiev does not get its name from the Ukraine. One of the most popular origin stories of this dish tells of Russian aristocrats dispatching subjects to Paris to learn about the finest French dishes. One of the dishes that made the Journey back is what we call a chicken Kiev. 

kiev 2

Ireland — Beef and Guinness Pie

If you’re fortunate enough to draw the Emerald Isle, it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas. However, if you get stage fright under the pressure of the lights you can fall back on this beef and Guinness pie recipe. 


The UK— Lamb and Bean hotpot

Our closest neighbours might throw us a point or deux and what better way to say thanks than to honour them with a west country lamb and bean hotpot.


Spain — Muffin Tray Tortilla

There are pros and cons to drawing Espania. Pro: there are lots of great tapas dishes to attempt but Con: You’ll have to make lots and lots. We’re particularly fond of these muffin tortilla pizzas. 



Once you've sampled and judged the competition's entries all that’s left to do is sit back, have a great night and don’t forget to cheer extra hard for your new adopted country.