How to Decorate Candles with DIY Transfers

Learn how to decorate candles with DIY transfers just in time for Mother's Day. Using baking paper and white wax candles is the key.

make your own candle

What You need to Make your Candle:

• White wax pillar candle
• White tissue paper 
• Paper clips
• Scissors
• Non-stick baking paper or wax paper
• Hair dryer
• Coloured pens
• Printable templates – download here


Step 1

Cut out a piece of tissue paper to size, ensuring it fits around your chosen candle. Print out our DIY candle-printing template and secure the tissue paper to your design using paper clips.

step 1

Step 2

Use a coloured felt tip pen and draw on the tissue paper using the template behind as a guide.

step 2 make candles

Step 3

Cut out the design using scissors – a square or circle is best.

step 3 candle

Step 4

Place the design around your candle and wrap a length of baking paper around it, securing in place with paper clips.

Use a hairdryer on a high heat setting and blast over the design for a couple of minutes until you see the baking paper sticking to the wax.

step 004

Step 5

Remove the baking paper and leave the candle to cool down. Give to mum for Mother's Day or a loved one for birthdays or Christmas.