How to chill beer, wine and soft drinks in a flash

To celebrate 12 Packs of Club, 7UP and Pepsi Max being on sale at the special prce of €5 until August 30th at Tesco, we're bringing you the best tricks we know to help you keep your drinks chilled.

1. The salted ice trick

Get a basin or bucket of water and fill it with ice and water.

Place your closed bottles and cans in the bucket.

Now add 3 tablespoons of salt to the ice and water mixture.

Leave for five minutes and then voila — the temperature of your drinks will have dropped significantly.  

The salt helps the ice melt quicker and as the ice shifts from solid to liquid it gets even colder.

2. Ice bag beerholder

Get a large bag of ice and lie it flat.

Carefully cut out five circular holes on the top surface of the bag.

Now nestle your beer bottles into the holes, making sure to surround as much of the bottom of the bottles with ice as possible.  

Now sit back and enjoy.

3. The great outdoors

We're all too aware that in Ireland, even the most pleasant summer days can turn into quite chilly nights. Capitalise on this coolness by storing that crate of beer or case of white wine out the back garden on those cool nights when there’s no room in the fridge.

4. Cool cup

This trick is handy when you are enjoying 330ml cans of beer or soft drinks.

Get a large travel mug or a large reusable cinema cup.

Put some ice in the bottom of the cup with a small bit of water.

Now open your beer can and put a long straw in it.

Put the can and straw in the cup and sip your chilled drink on the go.

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How to chill beer, wine and soft drinks in a flash