Host Your Own Game of Thrones Feast

In honour of one of the world’s most popular TV shows returning this April, here are some top tips to host your very own Game of Thrones night, with a feast fit for a king, however long his reign lasts.

Game of Thrones Feast


Roast hog

You don’t have to have a fire pit or the facilities to spit roast pig in your back garden to enjoy some succulent hog after a tiresome day of battle. All you need to give pork a rustic appearance and a sublime taste is to source a good BBQ marinade.

If you have a handy recipe for BBQ ribs marinade go with this and don’t be afraid to get messy when you glaze. If the outside gets a bit burnt, don’t worry as that will look even more authentic when your guests tuck into the flesh at the banquet table.

King Joffrey’s prized pigeon pie

One of the last dishes that the boy king laid eyes on before getting some colour was the traditional pigeon pie. Why not start the feast by lobbing off the pastry lid of an enormous pie to unleash twenty live pigeons into the sky with your broadsword? Just kidding! A beef and Guinness pie will be a marvellous replacement, we're sure. Keep an eye on your cup and thy spouse while you bake, in case some stray poison makes this day a purple affair.

Melted dragon egg dessert


There’s no better way to summon Daenerys Targaryen aka Emilia Clarke to your table than with this magical Dragon Egg Dessert. If you feel brave enough to take on this skill of sweets, you can check out a full step by step demo here.

Wines of Westeros

Sad to say there isn’t a wine rep stocking the real wondrous wines of Westeros on our shelves, but after some careful research we agree that ‘Strongwine from Dorne’ is a ringer for fine port in the real world. Be sure, serve a drop of Ruby Port after dinner…to those that are still breathing.



Family houses

People sitting wherever they like? How dare they ignore royal protocol. The royal family of this kingdom (that’s you and yours) sit at the head of a table or take over one side of a long table completely. For a fun twist you can draw up some place names for your other guests with newly imagined family crests.

Party games

Whether you’re having a game of Game of Throne’s themed Pictionary (guess the character, guess the episode, guess the death) or just having a great big fan quiz, you must divide the teams into House Stark and House Lannister. Remember: no phones, no poisoning, no resurrections and no sword fighting.

The ultimate catch up     

If your planned feast culminates with the season six premier of Game of Thrones this April, it might be a good idea to get started with a catch up on the goings on of the Seven Kingdoms. So lock the door, put the little dragons to bed, extinguish the lamps and enjoy seasons 1-5 on DVD.

If you have ideas on how to make this Game of Thrones feast even better, you can keep it to yourself — for you know nothing Jon Snow. Just kidding! We'd love to hear your ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages