Homemade toilet roll speaker

Create a quirky homemade speaker for your smartphone with a leftover cardboard toilet roll tube and some plastic bottles. One more use for toilet roll, part of the 800 range of products you won’t pay more for at Tesco. 

speaker 6

What You Need

speaker what you need

  • Two empty water bottles 500ml
  • A scissors
  • An empty toilet roll tube


Step 1


Make sure everything that you are using is completely dry before putting the speaker together. Poke a hole in the water bottle with a pen halfway down where the label sits. Now slide in one of the blades of the scissors and cut around the circumference of the bottle taking care. Repeat the process with the second bottle.

Step 2


You should be left with two plastic goblets after this process as seen in the image below.


Now cut out a rectangular strip that will fit the base of your smart phone in the toilet roll tube.

Step 3


Cut a circle in the side of each bottle that is big enough to fit both ends of the toilet roll tube. Slot the toilet roll tube into the two bottles.

Step 4

speaker 6

Now put all the parts together and hey presto, you have your very own homemade speaker that’s perfect for your desk or on the blanket at a picnic.

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