Homemade toilet roll rocket

A fun homemade activity for a rainy day that will bring you to the moon and back. Not only does it make great use of leftover toilet roll tubes.  

Homemade rocket

What You Need

What you need rocket

  • Empty toilet roll tubes x 4
  • A scissors
  • 3 cardboard triangle shapes (each the exact same size)
  • Assorted stickers of your choice
  • Paint brushes
  • Paints
  • Some sticky tape
  • A glass of water for rinsing brushes
  • Kitchen paper or newspaper for blotting
  • A piece of plain paper for the nose

Step 1

rocket step 2

Take three toilet roll tubes and cut out three sides of a rectangular shape from each one. Then fold in and tape the flap down, as seen in the photo.

These hollows should look like space for passengers to sit on the shuttle.

Leave the fourth roll uncut.

Step 2

coloured cards

Paint and decorate each roll as you like, with stickers and paint. Paint the three triangular legs also.

Step 3

Rocket step 2

Make an incision on each of the cardboard strips that will allow each piece to slide onto the toilet roll base.  

Step 4

Rocket step 5

Attach the three legs to the base and then tape each of the hollow tubes to each other.

Attach the uncut tube to the top of the rocket.


Fold a piece a paper into a cone shape, tape it in place and attach it to the top of the rocket.