Herbs and Vegetables That Will Regrow from Cuttings

Cuttings from this selection of veg and herbs will see you kickstarting your low cost home garden in no time.

regrow herbs from cuttings

1. Regrow Basil

Place a 3-inch stem of basil in a glass of water (changed every couple of days) with plenty of sunlight. When the roots grow to a couple of inches, transfer to a pot. Eventually you’ll have a beautiful basil plant that’s perfect for making pesto.

2. Regrow Celery

Rinse the base of your celery and place it base side down in a saucer of water on a windowsill.

After around a week, small yellow leaves will emerge from the centre, turning dark green as they grow.

Now pot the celery, with only the leaves sticking out from the soil. Watered generously, the leaves will thrive, and eventually celery stalks will emerge.

3. Regrow Spring Onions

After using the leaves from spring onions in your cooking, save the white roots.

Put them in a glass of clean water, changed daily, and place them by a window so they get lots of sunlight.

You’ll have new leaves for salads and stir-fries in around five days.

4. Regrow Mint

Cut a couple of inches from where you can see new growth forming on a larger plant, stripping away all but the top leaves.

Leave in water (switched every week or so) until strong roots appear, then plant it in a pot with soil.

Keep it watered and you’ll have an infinite source of mint leaves for mojitos and tea.

5. Regrow Ginger

Pick a ginger root that’s got a green eye bud and pot it in soil with the bud facing upwards.

A few months and some regular watering will result in lots more ginger for you to use in your curries.

Remember to save another root so you can repeat the process.

6. Regrow Romaine Lettuce

The base of a romaine lettuce will happily grow new leaves when submerged in water.

Just keep an eye on the water levels to make sure it’s always covered.

The stump grows even larger leaves if you pot it in some soil.