Healthy Baking Substitutes

Did you know you can swap out the likes of butter, flour and eggs with a range of natural food substitutes? Take a look at our helpful infographic below and have a go at putting a healthy spin on some of your favourite bakes.

Healthy Baking Replacements for home baking event

Healthy Baking Subsitutes

Almond Flour for White Flour

1 cup = 1 cup

Almond flour is a great substitute for white or whole-wheat flour in cake and muffin recipes and some pancake and some cookie recipes too.

Best used for any baked good that doesn’t require the flour to rise.

To make your very own almond flour, boil some almonds for a minute or two. Once drained, remove the skin from the nuts.

Make sure the almonds are fully dried before using them further. Pulse the almonds in a food processor until you get a grainy consistency.

The almond flour is now ready to use straight away. 

Unsweetened Apple Sauce for Oil

1 cup of oil = ¾ cup of unsweetened apple sauce.

Best swapped in any cakes that call for oil that are moist and dense. Carrot cake, muffins and gingerbread cake are good examples.

For every cup of oil that you swap out of the recipe you need to add 1/4 cup of liquid into the mix to balance the moisture.  

Banana for Egg

1 medium sized banana or about one-quarter cup mashed = 1 whole egg

You can use banana instead of eggs in desserts like baked chocolate squares, traycakes, brownies and pancakes. Obviously you're going to get a banana taste added to your recipe, so if you're cooking something savoury, check that banana is not too sweet a substitute.

Raw Honey for Granulated Sugar

For every one cup of sugar, substitute in 2/3 to 3/4 cups of honey depending upon the sweetness desired.

Use for marble cake or cupcakes.

Once you swap sugar for honey, the amount of moisture will increase in your cake. This means you should reduce any other liquid or high moisture ingredients in the recipe for balance. This will not be an issue if the amount of honey used is under 1 cup. 

Chia Seeds Instead of Flour, Eggs or Butter 

Versatile chia seeds can be used instead of:

Eggs — Mix 1 tbsp of milled chia with 3 tbsp water for each egg required

Butter —  Replace up to half the butter required in your recipe with chia gel, (1 part chia to 6 parts water)

Flour — You can swap 1 cup of chia seeds blitzed into flour for 1 cup of white or whole-wheat flour.

Why not try them in recipes for seed cakes, oat bars or cookies?

Orange Juice or Apple Juice for sherry, Port, Sweet Wine

1 cup=1 cup

Use for trifles, swiss rolls or turnover cake.

Substituting fruit juice for sherry or port helps you keep consistency in your desserts if you are aiming for an alcohol-free bake. 

Avocado Instead of Oil

1 cup of mashed avocado for 1 cup of oil.

Use for breads or muffins.

As with the banana substitute, use your best judgement when it comes to choosing avocado. If you don't want an avocado taste off your baked goods, then try one of the other substitutes above.