Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Home with the kids this Bank Holiday Monday? Try these fun indoor games – that your children will love.

fun indoor games

Indoor Bowling

Recreate a bowling alley in the hallway at home. Use six or more plastic bottles as pins and a small bouncy ball as the bowling ball. Use masking tape to mark the starting line and keep track of the scores for the real bowling experience.

Sensory Play

Collect a bunch of things from around the house, such as leftover cooked spaghetti, toys, tissues, cotton wool and a hairbrush to make a sensory box. Put each item in the box one at a time and see if the kids can guess the item by touch. Just make sure they keep their eyes closed.

Indoor Car Track

Use masking tape or washi tape to create a cityscape on the floor and let the kids whizz their toy cars around the taped roads and roundabouts. Watch our video to see how to make an indoor car track.


Craft Ideas Using Recyclables

Don't recycle, reuse! Use tips from our garden projects using recyclables to make a bird feeder from a juice carton or Mosaic art out of old CD.

DIY Modeling Clay

Try this easy-to-make play dough – just mix one-part water and one-part salt with two-parts flour with a little food colouring, and hey presto your modelling clay is done. Kids will love getting mucky, mixing the ingredients, then creating shapes.

Waste Paper Basketball

Scrunch up old newspaper into balls before aiming and throwing into a line-up of different sized bins. Each bin has a different number of points. Whoever collects the most points, wins.

Indoor Picnic

Create an indoor picnic with healthy snacks and treats as a fun way for the kids to get their five a day. Try making easy-to-assemble foods like sandwiches, and these vegetable crisps.

Create a Treasure Hunt

The secret to planning a treasure hunt at home is to work backwards and hide the items first before writing up the clues. Once all the items have been hidden around the house and the clues have been written about where the items may be, hand the first clue over to the kids and leave them to find the 'treasure'.

Build a Story

Get the kids to think on their feet and simply start the story with something simple such as: ‘one morning I went for a walk…,’ and go around the circle, with each person adding a new line to progress the story.

Hot and Cold

Hide coins, sweets or toys in a room – make it as difficult as possible – and then allow the kids into the room to search for them, using the words ‘hot’ when they get closer to the prize, and ‘cold’ when they’re far away.