Coeliac-Friendly Foods from the Tesco Free From Range

In recognition of Coeliac Awareness Week from May 8th - May 15th, we’ve put together a list of some of our most exciting products from the Tesco Free From range. 

You can get an additional 33% off all these Coeliac treats, this week at Tesco.


These Free From starters and side dishes are made without gluten, wheat or milk, allowing you to remove the guilt

from your guilty pleasures. 


Tesco Free From Mini Breadsticks 125G

 Gluten-free breadsticks are a snack that everyone can enjoy, whether they are coeliac or not.  

breadsticks free from



Tesco Free From Battered Onion Rings 375G

Don't worry if you're tempted by these delicious onion rings, they're free from gluten, wheat and milk.

free from onion rings


If you or a member of your family have an intolerance to wheat, gluten or dairy you can now enjoy classic foods such as fish fingers and sausages. These quick and easy ingredients will help expand your dinner options for the week.

Tesco Free From 10 Crispy Cod Fish Fingers

We're delighted to bring you a gluten-free friendly alternative to a family favourite, fish fingers. 

fish fingers free from


Tesco Free From 8 Thick Pork Sausages 454G

Are you looking to make a coeliac-friendly fry up or sausage sandwich? Look no further than these thick pork sausages.

sausages free from



Don’t let your diet restrictions get in the way of indulging your sweet tooth now and then. Soya yoghurts, jam tarts, oat and raisin cookies and more can now be yours thanks to the Free From range.  

Tesco Free From Blueberry Yoghurt

Looking for a cool creamy snack that leaves you satisfied between meals? These blueberry yoghurts are soy based and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

blueberry yoghurt

Tesco Free From Jam Tarts 6 Pack

Perfect with a cup of tea or as a lunchbox dessert, these jam tarts come in an assortment of flavours.

jam tarts




Add these everyday essentials to your shopping list and food cupboard so you can still make your favourite meals with little fuss and no substitutes.


Tesco Free From Fresh Sweetened Soya Milk Alternative 1 Litre

At Tesco you'll find sweetened and unsweetened soya milk to suit your tastes. 

free from soya milk

Tesco Free From Spaghetti 500G

You don't have to say goodbye to Italian dishes just because you're coeliac, Tesco Free From Spaghetti makes a great gluten-free foundation for pasta classics. 

free from spag pasta

Tesco Free From White Sliced Bread 400G

Enjoy the freedom to make coeliac-friendly sandwiches for the school lunchboxes. Also available in multi-grain.

free from white bread