7 Simple Food Safety tips for cooking with mince

Irish families buy more mince than any other meat - that's why it is one of the 800 products you won't pay more for at Tesco and why we thought you would find these tips helpful.

mince prep


Once you get home from shopping put the mince in the fridge straight away. Keep it chilled below 5 degrees. Store away from any cooked meats in the fridge.


If you are only using half of your mince, ensure that you wrap the remaining mince in its container with tinfoil.  The juice from the mince can contain bacteria until it’s cooked so be sure it doesn’t drip onto any fruits or veg, especially those that would normally be consumed raw.

Clean prep area

Making burgers can be a great hands on part of homemade cooking. Floury hands, pounding the mince and then shaping the meat. Make sure your preparation area is washed down with warm soapy water and that your hands are washed.

Remove any jewellery before using your hands, as bacteria can gather on rings or bracelets throughout the day.

Cooking mince

Cooking mince is one of the few times in life you should be excited to see the colour grey. When cooking mince on the pan for a bolognese or a chilli or mexican dish, the colour pink is the enemy.

Mince has to be cooked to a  core temperature of 75 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes.

When cooking  burgers, be safe and cook the burger the whole way through. Those who like their burgers medium rare should take care, as a pink centre could lead to food poisoning.


Mince should not be frozen for more than three months. Freeze immediately once you return home from shopping.

If frozen meat has defrosted do not freeze it unless it has been cooked first.


Defrost mince overnight from frozen on a plate still in its wrapping in the fridge. Clean the plate on which the meat rested after thawing.

Only use a microwave to defrost mince if you intend to cook it straight away as it may become partly  cooked during the defrosting process.

Cooked leftovers

Once your mince dish is cooked and cooled, freeze or refrigerate straight away. Don’t reheat the same leftovers twice.

Mince is one of the 800 products you won't pay more for at Tesco. Find more health and safety tips for cooking your favourite foods from The 800 range at www.safefood.eu and www.bordbia.ie.