10 facts about toilet roll you didn’t know you wanted to know

Toilet Roll is the #1 household product in Ireland, that’s why it’s one of the 800 products you won’t pay more for at Tesco and why we think you will love our fascinating facts all about it!



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1. What's the strangest use of toilet paper I can tell my friends?

Try this one: In Operation Dessert Storm, the US military used toilet paper to hide armoured tanks. The paper attracted the sand and this, in turn, created a camouflage effect and stopped them glistening in the sun.  


2. Which way should your toilet paper hang?

Under or over? It’s the age-old toilet paper debate which has seen roommates part ways and couples driven to the brink! Well, according to Good Housekeeping, there’s no question about it. The correct way is ‘definitely over’.


  • If your toilet paper has a pattern on it, hanging it over makes the paper easier to see, which helps you to use less paper.
  • The end of the roll is slightly closer to you making it easier to reach.
  • Fancy hotels do it that way, what more do you need to know?!

3. How is recycled toilet paper made?

Recycled toilet paper is most often made from discarded office paper. The paper is washed with water to create a pulp. Then a process of injecting air bubbles and bleaching removes ink and makes it a whiter colour. The pulp is then pressed to remove the moisture and left to dry before being fed onto a roller. The entire 12-step process in all its detail can be enjoyed over on www.toiletpaperhistory.net.

4. How many sheets of toilet paper should you use per visit?

According to The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia on average, people use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per toilet trip and 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. If someone in your house is using far more than this, you can keep an empty toilet roll tube and unwrap half of a full-size roll around it, leaving you with two smaller rolls. Once they see the size of the reduced rolls they'll be encouraged to become more economical. 

5. Can you dry out toilet roll?

Dropped the entire toilet roll down the loo? We’ve all been there. Is there any way to salvage it? Our answer is a firm ‘no’. Having been in the toilet bowl, it would be highly unsanitary to hold onto it to wait for it to dry.  

6. Who invented toilet roll?

Since the 6th century, the Chinese have been using sheets of paper as a precursor to modern toilet paper. The Chinese were such big fans of this invention that they were well established in the mass-production of toilet roll by the 14th century.

7. How many sheets does the average toilet roll have?

A toilet roll has 333 sheets on average. it would take 1656 rolls to cover the pitch of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin

8. What did people use before toilet roll was invented?

Well if you were a member of the French aristocracy you had the luxury of using white lace, while the Romans used wool soaked in rose water.

Other options included, corncobs, sticks, stones, sand, moss, hemp, wool, sponges, seashells, and even broken pottery – ouch!

9. What’s the most expensive toilet roll in the world?

The most expensive toilet roll in the world costs a whopping $1,376,900, or around €919,000 per roll. The roll is sold by Australian company, the Toilet Paper Man and is made from 22-carat gold!

10. What’s the best way to dispose of leftover toilet paper tubes?

Toilet paper tubes are recyclable, so makes sure you dispose of them along with your other dry recyclables. Of course, there are more creative ways to recycle them! Check out these toilet paper crafts: Toilet roll speaker hack, toilet roll rocket ship, toilet roll gift box and toilet roll pen scribbler!

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