Essential Gardening Hacks for Beginners

Have you picked up the gardening bug and are bursting to get out there and turn your back garden into an award winning installation? Well, before you empty your wallet at the garden centre, you can try some of these clever gardening hacks to get your garden into its proper flow.

Homemade Pest Stoppers If you’re not to ken on using pesticides, you can use items that usually end

Homemade Pest Stoppers

If you’re not too keen on using pesticides, you can use items that usually end up in your brown bin to deter any pesky slugs. Put some crushed egg shells and used coffee grinds at the base of your plants to keep them safe from garden intruders.

DIY Seed Dibber

A dibber is a pointed stick or other object that makes space in the soil so that seeds can be planted. You can make your own using a ruler, some wine corks and some glue. 

Protect Plants with Recycled Plastic Bottles

garden 2

If you have any budding plants that are in need of a little extra love and care out in the Irish climate, you can look after them by cutting the top of a plastic bottle and turning it upside down over the plant. It’s like giving a plant a private greenhouse.

Give Your Plot the Botanic Garden Effect


You can turn your garden into an expansive labyrinth when you strategically place mirrors in the low corners of the space or you can hang them on the wall. Double your greenery!

Make Your Own Weed Killer

Fill an empty spray bottle with three parts white vinegar, one-part table salt and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Now you can battle the weeds to your heart’s content.

Make a Vertical Garden


One of the best ways to make use of a small space is to go vertical. You can do this by hanging baskets on the wall, or by stacking a number of empty pots on top of each other.

You can also use the drawers from old chests of drawers as flowerbeds and elevate them on disused step ladders or chairs.