Easy Ways to Organise Your Kitchen

Take back control of your kitchen with these handy hacks for kitchen storage and organisation.

Use Clippy Trouser Hangers

Use the clippy part to seal packets and keep the contents fresh; they're much stronger than most other kitchen clips.

They also work brilliantly as a recipe book holder, leaving you more kitchen worktop space to spread out when cooking.

Pop Bottle Storage

Use a dry plastic funnel to pour rice and other grains into clean empty water bottles or jam jars.

They're much easier to store than packets, look nicer, and you can pour out just the amount you need when cooking.

Make Magnetic Pegs

Make your fridge door work that little bit harder.

Turn wooden utility pegs into magnets by sticking self-adhesive magnetic strips to the back (cut them to size if you need to) and decorate the front of the peg with washi tape and stick to the fridge.

Perfect for storing notes, to-do lists and new recipes to try.

Velcro Tea Towels

Keep a tea towel from slipping off your oven door by turning it into a loop by attaching velcro strips at both ends. Simply stitch in place or use iron-on strips.

Over-the-door Shoe Storage

Store cleaning products or small loose packets in a hanging shoe organiser – just cut to size. It’s also handy for planting herbs.

Create Hanging Space

Towel rails and curtain rods are space-saving saviours. Attach one under the sink to hang sprays and cleaning products, or as an easy dispenser for bin bags and kitchen roll.

Repurpose a CD rack

Have you finally got around to ditching the CDs? Well, don’t throw away your CD rack just yet, you can use it to store plastic container lids so you’ll actually be able to find one that matches your box when you need to store your leftover lasagne.

Cupcake Case Storage