Easy Ways to Pep Up Your Coffee

If you’re trying to save money, you don’t need to go without your favourite fancy coffee. Try these quick hacks to instantly perk up an at-home brew. 

Easy Frothy Milk

Get expertly frothed milk for your homemade cappuccino in a flash. All you need to do is vigorously shake cold milk in a jar or bottle and pour straight into your cup – sounds simple, but it works! You can also use hot milk, but use a glass jar and be cautious as the milk will be hot.

Add Extract For a New Taste

Vanilla, almond, cinnamon – whatever your flavour, add a drop or two of extract to your coffee to switch up the taste. Or for a really intense flavour, pop a cinnamon stick or some citrus peel in your coffee jar or sugar pot to infuse the granules overnight.

Make Coffee Ice Cubes

If you like iced coffee, the trick to getting a professional taste (rather than a watered down slush) is to freeze coffee in an ice cube tray. Pour milk over a cup of coffee ice cubes in the morning for the ultimate, fast, frozen drink.

Try Coconut Milk

If you’re looking for a treat and an extra creamy coffee without lactose, replace regular milk with coconut milk and create a cuppa that sits somewhere between a drink and a dessert.

Make a Fancy Mocha

Mix equal parts cocoa powder and coffee granules into a jar so you can make a decadent mocha in an instant.

Soak Coffee Beans Overnight

If you’re using beans rather than granules in an attempt to get that shop-bought taste at home, try soaking them in water overnight. By morning, they’ll taste less acidic, just like they do in coffee shops.