Easy Halloween Costumes: The Snapchat Filter

Is your child looking for a costume idea they've never tried before? You won't believe how easy it is to make this unique Snapchat Filter costume.


1. Draw two silver lines with facepaint under each eye.


2. Draw one red line coming down the side of one of the lips

snap 2

3. Add an orange inner line of paint next to it.

snap 3

4. Now add a yellow line on the inside.

snap 4

5.The next line is green.

snap 5

6. Now blue.

snap 6

7. Now dark navy.

snap 7

8. Now make the cheeks rosy with some red and white paint mixed together.

snap 8

9. Now draw on white or silver stars.

snap 9

10. Now you have something worthy of a selfie.

snap 10