Easy Halloween Costumes: The Skeleton

You won't believe how easy it is to do your boy or girl up in skeleton facepaint when you follow these steps one at a time.


1. Cover the face in white facepaint leaving the areas under the eyes clear. 


2. Draw two black shapes under the cheekbones. Imagine you are drawing mutton chops that are extending from the hair.

skel 2

3. Now using black facepaint, fill in the unpainted areas around the eyes.


4. Add detail to the eyes by adding spider legs to each side and add a pointed tip to each top inside corner as shown.

skel 4

5. Dab the cheekbone with a dry sponge and a small bit of black facepaint to create the shadowed effect on the white area and paint the triangle shapes on the two sides of the nostrils.

skel 5

6. Draw a black line across the lips. Now on the line paint triangles pointing up and down on both sides.

skel 6

7. Draw some crow's feet under each eye socket.

skel 7

8. Draw two black lines going away from the eye on the top outer corners of the eye socket.


9. Cut out ribs in an old black t-shirt and wear it over a plain white t-shirt and you're ready to go.

skel 9