Easy Halloween Costumes: Head on a Plate

This costume really thinks outside the box. Make sure you don't get a-HEAD of yourself!

1. Start with an empty box

head plate1

2. Cut out a good-sized hole for the head in the box

plate 2

3. Get a an old tablecloth and doily and 'set the table' on the top. Make sure it is fixed in place then cut the hole.

4. Get a disposable pie tray or a deep disposable plate and spooky tableware.

head 4

5. Cut the bottom out of the pie tray. Cut one of the sides cleanly with scissors.

head 5

6. Pop your head through and make sure it fits. Get someone to take a photo of how you look. Fix the other pieces to the table.

head 6

7. Voila, apply some facepaint, or even this skeleton effect, and you have your head in a box

head 7