Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Add a personal touch to your Christmas presents this year by making some of these crafty DIY gift tags.


Sparkly Initials Gift Tags

glitter tags

For a bold statement look, try making these glittery letters to hang on your gifts.

  • Mark out your letters on the back of a piece of glitter card before cutting them out
  • Punch a hole in the top left hand corner
  • Thread some ribbon through the hole, then simply tape it to the gift

Tip: For non-symmetrical letters, remember to draw them in reverse so that they appear the right way round on the glittery side.

Music Sheet Lettering

music sheet


Give your pressies a personal touch by cutting letters out of sheet music or old maps to spell out the names of your loved ones. To make it extra personal, use sheet music from their favourite song, or a map of their favourite place.

Use a ruler as a guide to make sure you glue each letter onto the paper in a straight line.

Colour Sample Christmas Tree Gift Tags


  • Cut some free colour samples containing multiple shades of green into Christmas tree shapes
  • Punch a hole in the top of each tag
  • Thread some string through the hole and write your message on the back

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

easy tags

The easiest of the lot – we’ve made these attractive printable gift tags for a quick way to make your Christmas presents pretty. Keep it classic with Santa and his reindeer, or get the kids involved with the colour-in characters.

Click here to download yours.