Amazing Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays

Get more out of ice cube trays with these fun creative ideas.


DIY Paint Palette

Decant paint into the separate sections of an ice cube tray. You can use the empty sections for mixing colours, too.

Take painting outside on a sunny day with these easy-to-make outdoor chalk paints

Organise Make-up


An easy-access and orderly way to sort your cosmetics – especially eye-shadows. Use an ice lolly mould for cosmetics like brushes, pencils and mascaras.

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes for Soothing Skin



Squeeze aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and freeze. When your skin needs soothing, pop an aloe vera cube out, leave to melt a little (to avoid freezer burn), then gently run it over the skin.

It’s a fuss-free way to stay cool on a hot summer’s day.

Colorful Ice Cubes for Summer Drinks

See how to make colourful ice cubes and fruity ice cubes to jazz up summer drinks and cocktails.

Store Leftover Herbs

frozen herbs

Freeze any leftover herbs with olive oil or butter in an ice cube tray. Ideal for when you’re cooking in a hurry.

Stationery Holder


Keep paperclips, pinboard pins, elastic bands, washi tape and other bits of stationery altogether on your desk.

Organise Jewellery


Keep earrings in pairs and other pieces of jewellery separated by organising them into the compartments of an ice cube tray.

Haberdashery Kit


Buttons, beads, thimbles and cotton thread can fit perfectly in the sections of an ice cube tray.

Store Nails and Screws


Be ready for any DIY job with this smart way to store nails, bolts, washers and more.